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Dr. Walter Rodriguez is a well known plastic surgeon and member of the prestigious Society of the Peruvian Plastic Surgeons. He had training in facial cosmetic surgery with Dr. Bruce Connell who is considered and authority in the subject by the plastic surgery congress in San Francisco California. At the same time Dr. Rodriguez had training in breast surgery with Dr. Garth Fisher who is a famous Beverly Hill surgeon of movies and TV starts (ABC’s Extreme make over and TV channel in Los Angeles California).

Dr. Rodriguez’s practice is known for its latest technology and specialize training, his work in cosmetic surgery has natural look that you will believe it is real; most Dr. Rodriguez’s patients come from USA and Europe. They are treated with respect and professionalism.

Dr. Rodriguez has performed more than 100 cases of facial surgery (deep facial skin work) done at this practice. He presented his work at the XVI Ibero Latin America federation congress in March 2006 Buenos Aires Argentina.

Dr. Walter Rodriguez V. made his specialty at the Children’s Hospital , Naval Hospital, for the National University F.V. on 1990, (PERU)

Tutor of Plastic surgery at UNFV (National University F.V.) PERU

Plastic Surgeons Assistant at the Arzobispo Loayza Hospital  (PERU)

Author of the “Abdominal Reconstructive Surgery Technique”, presented at the Latin America Ibero Congress In Santo Domingo, 1998

He incorporated his new  refining  breast augmentation technique at the Bolivian Congress in March 2002, BOLIVIA

He is a member of the Peruvian Society of Plastic surgeons and Aesthetic (PERU)

Member of the Society of Latin American Plastic Surgeons of the United States and Canada since October, 2004.

He did a Conference at the Ibero-American Congress in Cancun, Mexico , Oct. 2002, Theme:  Breast Augmentation, (personal technique)

Dr. Rodriguez is fully trained in Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery as well as General surgery

He took a course of Facial Surgery
Plastic Surgery – Baltimore – USA 2007

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